Pixel Planet Design provides both offset printing and on-demand printing upon requirement, budget, time frame and conditions. Browse detail info, showcase and getQUOTE for your projects.

Offset printing is the standard printing production today.
Key factors and advantage;

  • Process with 4 color-separated layer, CMYK
  • Take time to process at least 5-14 days
  • Fix start budget with minimum require (500 or 1,000 copies)
  • The more of quantity, the most economy price is
  • Variety solutions of paper type, paper weight, finishing style - matted, glossy or special technique such as embossing, de-embossing, metallic foil coating, die-cut.

Customer has to concern above points as the key factors. It will help to manage the project.

Offset printing type

Multi-page binding Company publication for commercial use or business communication. There are various possibities of style, format or specification today but classic format of A4/A3 size at 4-32 pages still popular.

Business communication is the top of the hill that every company have pay attention and make it best. Quality come along with how practical they will. Let's make it.

Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or occassionally publication is one of the kind we do. Detail specification and volume is concerned. Contact our team for detail discussion.

One or two-sided paper print for flash use on event, tradeshow or special occassional is the most popular in today's market.

On the events, it's important time to show up the people who you are, who you and what is the best they will get. We can handle from booth/zone display, decoration and display material to the print matters that need. Write to us.

Other miscellenous kind of printing in small items like postcard, label, sticker, invitation card, scorecard, calendar for instance. Let us know what you're looking for.

On-demand printing is the new printing solutions for today's need. Contrast to the offset printing, on-demand printing tend to serve small budget and time-limited production project with acceptable quality and conditions.
Key factors and advantage;

  • Direct print from artwork file, no cost of color-separated film
  • Less time to process, complete within 1-3 days
  • No fix start budget with low minimum require.
  • Price by item. Total is item multiply by quantity.
  • Limited solutions of paper type and paper weight to standard (80, 120, 150, 250 gram maximum), matted or glossy finishing, no special technique, basic binding or unbinding.

Ondemand printing type

Standard size business in low amount (10 to 100) with one or two side print.

Single-sheet one or two-sided print with/without folding.

On-demand printing serve this category very well like menu, postcard, label, sticker, invitation card and more.


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